Thunderbolt Global Logisticsupdated statement on Covid-19/Coronavirus  March 20, 2020

Thunderbolt Global Logistics is very concerned about the health and welfare of everyone around the world and their families.  This is especially true for our staff, clients, agents and vendors.   It’s paramount we do everything we can to stop the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Starting on Monday March 23, 2020 the majority of our staff will work remotely from home.  If the Federal Government, State of Maryland and City of Baltimore allow businesses to stay open, we will have someone in the office during the day. I will be in the office whenever a member of our staff is in the office.   All phone extensions are set up to transfer to the cell phone of the person you are trying to reach.  We are taking all necessary steps so that we have no disruption in service if we all have to telecommute.

We anticipate more state governments will ask non-essential businesses to close.    Logistics is considered an essential business/industry so we don’t anticipate that trucks will be idled.  Freight can and is moving right now with limited disruption.   The availability of drivers will be impacted as more restrictions are imposed.     We are monitoring the situation closely.     It will be challenging if companies close or reduce their hours and still delivery/pick up cargo.

At this time seaports and airports in the United States are open for cargo movement.  Some terminals are reducing their hours based on volume.  This is especially true at the Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles.  Space on vessels is very tight right now especially to/from Europe and to the Middle East and Asia.

It’s a very challenging time if you are shipping by air to/from anywhere in the world.  Passenger flights have been dramatically reduced and capacity worldwide has dwindled.   Air freight costs are increasing it seems on a daily basis.
It’s an unprecedented situation.

Our continued goal is to keep our staff healthy and safe and cargo moving without disruption.  Our great team at Thunderbolt Global Logistics will do everything we can to assist our clients, agents and domestic partners.

We hope everyone we work with stays safe and remains virus free.

Thank you.

Jim Shapiro

Thunderbolt Global Logistics LLC