Thunderbolt Global Statement on Covid-19/Coronavirus

Thunderbolt Global Logistics is very concerned about the health and welfare of our excellent staff and their families.

At this time we are working from our office. This could change quickly depending on the situation in Baltimore City and the State of Maryland. All of our staff have the ability to telecommute from home. We are taking all necessary steps so that we have no disruption in service. If we all have to telecommute, we have done this previously when we have had bad weather and will work in the same manner if the need arises.

We have instituted a policy of no office visitors, no attending industry events, no overseas travel. We are following guidelines of the Center for Disease Control. We will continue to monitor their updates.

Our goal is to keep our staff safe and cargo moving without disruption. Our service level will not suffer if we have to work remotely. Hopefully the steps local, state and national government are taking will mitigate the spread of the virus.

We hope everyone we work with is safe and remains virus free.

Jim Shapiro

Thunderbolt Global Logistics LLC