Thunderbolt Global Logistics Receives a 2023 Regional Award for The Americas from The Project Cargo Network

Thunderbolt Director Jim Shapiro attended the 12th Annual Summit of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) that took place at The Royal Cliff Hotel in Pattaya, Thailand, from November 12th to 14th. 185 people from 60 countries attended the meeting. PCN knows how to organize a great meeting. Thanks to Rachel, Judith and the Team in London for putting together a great 3 days in Pattaya.

It was a great time starting with  golf at the Chee Chan Golf Resort on Sunday. The dinner and fireworks Sunday night were fantastic. Thanks Patrik Eckert for sponsoring the festivities. Our meetings on Monday got underway with our CEO Rachel Crawford opening the conference meetings with an update on the network and then handing out the awards from the survey that was sent to all the members.

Thunderbolt Global Logistics was given the Regional Award for The Americas as voted by the members of the network. We are once again honored and humbled that our network partners think so highly of our company. Our team in Baltimore always strives to take care of our overseas partners. This award validated their hard work.

Congratulations to the members that won for their regions and the network member of the year. Well done! Our network is a really strong one with so many fantastic people and companies in it. It’s a people business and meetings like this reinforce that belief.

Attendees really enjoyed all the one to one meetings and evening activities. New relationships were started and it was great catching up with people we have dealt with for many years. We are grateful to all the members that take care of our shipments in their respective countries. Thunderbolt Global will continue to take good of their shipments as well in the USA.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Cyprus next October.